Creating-on-the-Job Processed-Based Solutions for Clinicians


Defining the Job to Be Done

Creating-on-the-job processed-based solutions for clinicians


Working collaboratively with healthcare professionals, Dukal is turning innovative ideas into practical patented solutions through a jobs-based approach. 

In partnership with growth strategy and innovation consulting firm, Strategyn, we're creating a deeper understanding of healthcare professionals' objectives and underlying processes to identify unmet needs and foster successful innovation.

In this article we will cover: 

Outcome-Driven Innovation®

By understanding that people buy products or services to complete a specific job, we can evaluate the task at hand and determine which needs are unmet. Outcome-Driven Innovation®, or a jobs-based approach, we're listening to clinicians and understanding the underserved portions of the market to develop solutions that solve for the everyday demands of healthcare professionals. 

  1. Define the job to be done
  2. Uncover desired outcome and unmet needs
  3. Focus on value creation and cost reduction
  4. R&D investments

A new focus on plastic injection molding

By focusing innovation on plastic injection molding, we're tapping into one of Dukal's core competencies to provide clinicians with easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions. With 30 years of experience in healthcare manufacturing, we're now leveraging our R&D, manufacturing, and regulatory expertise to bring innovative solutions to market. 

Solving clinical problems with innovative patented solutions

One of the most widely used medical technologies in healthcare is also one of the most significant safety concerns due to deficiencies in design and engineering. IV medications are associated with 54% of potential adverse events and 56% of medication errors,1 with 11,000+ adverse events and 142 deaths reported to the FDA annually, the highest of any med tech.2

With the increasing complexity of infusion devices and healthcare environments and the high prevalence of infusion errors and adverse drug events, there is a clear need to reduce patient harm and improve efficiency in multi-infusion line management.  

In partnership with Dr. Chris Page, Board Certified Anesthesiologist, we are redefining the patient and clinician experience and reducing complications associated with traditional IV systems.

IVS Multi-Lumen Coaxial IV Tubing

Recognizing the prevalence of infusion errors and adverse drug events, Dr. Page and his team developed a co-axial system of parallel IV lines. The single main carrier line has multiple attached side administration lines that can peel away from the main carrier to meet the individual patient's needs and specific environment. The administration lines run along the outer length and enter the fluid stream of the carrier line just before the distal end of the tubing. Unlike existing systems, this design functions the same regardless of length and addresses many of the issues associated with today's IV systems, including dead space (risk of delay in medication or potential overdose) and entanglement (risk of unobserved disconnection or contamination)

Eliminates multiple IV lines

Four lines combined into a single line eliminates separate and multiple IV lines. 

Reduces unintentional disconnections

Simplified connection to the patient reduces the risk of contamination and unintentional disconnections while reducing the need for intentional dis/re-connections. 

Ready for immediate use

Pre-assembled and ready for immediate use, IVS tubing reduces setup time. 

Improves visibility

Decreases unobserved disconnections by increasing IV tubing visibility. 

Single connection point

A single connection to the patient with simplified connections to pumps and syringes. 

Immediate medication to the patient

Distal fluid entry point allows for immediate medication to the patient.


A partner in innovation

Dukal’s approach to healthcare innovation is to provide the highest quality manufacturing, sourcing, and quality regulation to solve real clinical problems through new healthcare technologies. Our team offers partners a full range of capabilities including invention, patent application, prototype development, supply chain, branding, marketing, and sales.

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Dukal's approach to healthcare innovation is to provide the highest quality manufacturing, sourcing, and quality regulation to solve real clinical problems through new healthcare technologies



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