Dukal, LLC Privacy Statement

Effective Date:  June 23, 2021

General Provisions:  Personal data collected and used by Dukal, LLC, its affiliates, and agents (“Dukal”, “we” or “our”) in connection with your use of the Dukal Internet web site, the marketing and purchase of Dukal products, your participation in our offers, promotions, and trade shows; recruiting and employment activities; and other interactions with Dukal is governed by this privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) as amended from time to time.  Data collected and used by Dukal are not subject to previous versions of this Privacy Statement that may have been in effect at the time that such data were collected.

Please regularly review this Privacy Statement.  Dukal reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement from time to time at its sole discretion and will provide link(s) to the most current version of this Privacy Statement, for example, on the home page of the Dukal Internet web site, dukal.com. Your continued interactions with Dukal after such changes or amendments indicate your consent to the new terms for new and existing personal data collected by Dukal.

If you have objections to this Privacy Statement, you should immediately discontinue use of the Dukal Internet web site, participation in our offers and promotions, or other interactions with us, whether or not enabled by the Dukal Internet web site.

This Privacy Statement does not govern practices associated with activities provided by third party web sites that are not the Dukal Internet web site, or associated with products and services not provided by Dukal, or practices that otherwise are not controlled by Dukal.  All personal data provided to third parties shall be governed by such third parties’ privacy notices.

To the extent that any term of this Privacy Statement conflicts with the terms of an existing written (including electronic) agreement between you and Dukal, including regarding the use of specific areas of the Dukal Internet web site or specific products, offers and promotions (including specific promotion rules, offers, terms of use, or privacy disclosures), the terms of the respective agreement(s) shall govern.

The Dukal Internet web site, Dukal products, offers and promotions are intended for adult audiences, and Dukal does not knowingly collect any personal information from anyone under eighteen (18) years of age.  Moreover, Dukal does not direct our website or any of our services to children under 13 and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under 13.  Our site does not contain any content created for children.  Dukal reserves the right to delete without notice or obligation all information of any children that may be provided to Dukal, and you shall be responsible for all penalties, fines, damages and expenses that Dukal incurs if you submit any child’s information to Dukal.

If, as the result of changes to this Privacy Statement, you want to alter information that Dukal may have regarding you, you may request to do so by following the procedure described in the section entitled “Requesting an Update To Your Personal Information And Privacy Preferences” below.  If permitted by law, Dukal reserves the right to exercise discretion in granting all or a portion of any such request.

Requesting an Update To Your Personal Information and Privacy Preferences:  Applicable law may provide you the right to request access to and correct your personal information and privacy preferences at any time.  Please e-mail your request to access and correct your personal information to customerservice@dukal.com.  Please include your name, address, and e-mail address when you contact us.  No specific form is required to request Dukal for access to and/or changes to your personal information.  If you are a California resident, then you may have additional rights, further described below. 

Collection of Personal Information:  We may collect the following types of personal information about you.  We collect this information when you provide it to Dukal during interactions with us via the Dukal website, including filling out online forms and registering for an account with us; when you call, email, fax or otherwise interact with our marketing, sales and distribution personnel; when you place product orders from Dukal on behalf of your employer; when you provide it during a promotion, contest, special offer, or trade show; when you interact with our service providers and business partners; and during any other interaction with us:

  • Personal identifiers, such as first and last name, mailing address (including ZIP code), country of residence, email address, telephone and facsimile numbers, and other personal identifiers.
  • Phone or facsimile number.
  • Education, including any information protected by FERPA, when provided on a resume or CV.
  • Professional, employer or employment history, especially when provided on a resume or CV.
  • Characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law, such as gender.
  • Commercial information, such as ordering history, interactions with DUKAL personnel, and other business-relevant information.  
  • Internet or electronic network activity.
  • Inferences drawn from any of our interactions, including business-relevant inferences such as products that may appeal to your business.  

Certain laws in other countries may restrict the transfer of personal data internationally without consent.  By using submitting personal information to us, you consent, agree and acknowledge that your personal data and information may be transferred across national boundaries for any uses consistent with this Privacy Statement and/or as disclosed to you when you provide the information.  You also acknowledge that in certain countries or with respect to certain activities, the collection, transfer, storage, and processing of personal information may be undertaken by third parties.

Occasionally, Dukal, LLC may offer a promotion, contest or special offer.  It is optional for you to participate.  However, depending upon the promotion, contest or special offer, providing certain personal information may be required for participation or else you may be ineligible for that promotion, contest or special offer.  If a promotion is ongoing but you request that we delete your personal information, then you may become ineligible for that promotion going forward.

How Your Personal Information Is Used:  Dukal collects your personal information in order to conduct the business activities that you expect when you interact with us; to record, support and facilitate your participation in a Dukal promotion, contest or special offer; to record your purchases; as well as to improve the services provided by the Dukal Internet web site.  For example, information is used to register your rights, if any, to technical support or other benefits that may be made available to you.  As another example, if you enter a contest, information is collected to qualify the entry and to contact you regarding the contest or prize awards. If you are applying to become a member of the Dukal workforce, then we may use any and all information that you provide us to evaluate your suitability for employment, and if we hire you, then we will use that information to maintain an employee file and administer all employment-related administrative tasks and legal requirements relating to your employment.  We may also use collected information, which may include personal information, as follows:

  • To inform you about products that you and your business may be interested in, either directly or through third party advertising networks.
  • To analyze purchase and website use trends and statistics, and other system administration purposes.
  • To protect the security and integrity of our website and business, including detecting, protecting against, and investigating any fraud, theft or threats.
  • To aggregate and/or anonymize data to better understand our business and market, and how we can improve our offerings to our customers.  NOTE: Once information is anonymized and can no longer be reasonably associated with you or another person, then it is no longer subject to this Privacy Statement. 
  • To comply with applicable laws, meet our legal obligations, protect our rights, respond to court orders, and make disclosures permitted by law to address unlawful or similar acts that may endanger anyone’s health, safety or privacy.

Sharing Your Personal Data.  Dukal has established relationships with various business partners, such as distributors, whose services are available to you from web sites that are linked to the Dukal Internet web site.  These distributors offer services Dukal customers may use, such as for the sale of Dukal Products.  In order to use those distributors’ services, you may be required to provide personal information to the distributors, or the distributors’ affiliates or agents.  Unless expressly provided to the contrary, any personal information that you provide on any third party (including distributor’s) Internet web site is subject to any privacy statement set forth and posted on that site, and not to this Privacy Statement.  If the distributors send your personal information back to Dukal after taking your order, then that information will be governed by this Privacy Statement. 

There are also other instances in which Dukal may divulge your personal information, such as where required by law, regulation, or litigation.  We may also disclose information about you if we determine that such disclosure should be made for reasons of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance.

Finally, if Dukal sells assets (or the assets of a division or subsidiary) to or is acquired by another entity, or if Dukal (or a division or subsidiary) is acquired by or merged with another entity, you agree that Dukal may make available any and all collected personal information to the acquiring entity or business, including without limitation any and all customer information that is related to that part of the business that was sold to or merged with the other entity without obtaining your further consent.  This information may include individual business contacts and records of interactions. 

NOTE: Dukal does not sell your personal information to third parties.

Cookies.  We use “cookies” on our website. A cookie is a piece of data stored on a website visitor’s hard drive to help us improve your access to the website and identify repeat visitors to our Site. We may use a cookie to identify you when you log into our website, so that you do not have to enter your password more than once during your visit, reducing the number of times you have to log in to our website, thereby saving you time. We may also use cookies to track and target the interests of our users to enhance their experience on our website. If you do not wish to have cookies placed on your computer or device, you should visit our Site using a web browser that permits you not to receive cookies, and you should set the browser to refuse cookies before using our website. However, you may not have full access to all website features if you do not permit us to place cookies on your device. Some web browsers transmit “do-not-track” signals to websites. Because of differences in how web browsers incorporate and activate this feature, it is not always clear whether users intend for these signals to be transmitted, or whether they even are aware of them, and therefore we currently do not take action in response to these signals.

Security.  Dukal is committed to security, confidentiality, and integrity of personal information in accordance with legal requirements. We take commercially reasonable precautions to keep personal information secure against unauthorized access and use and we periodically review our security measures. We are committed to processing your data in a secure manner and have put in place specific technical and organizational measures to prevent the personal information we hold from being accidentally or deliberately compromised. Our employees participate in a training and compliance program and are required to safeguard your information. Our employees participate in a training and compliance program and are required to safeguard your information.

Compliance and Monitoring.  Compliance with this privacy policy is monitored on an annual basis.

Privacy Complaints.  Dukal takes its users’ privacy concerns seriously. If you believe that Dukal has not complied with this Privacy Statement with respect to your personal information, please write to Dukal by e-mail to customerservice@dukal.com.

Dukal is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of non-Dukal web sites to which the Dukal Internet web site may link to or is linked from. You should review the privacy statement of such sites before using the sites.



California Residents Only.  If you are a resident of California, then this section applies to you.

California Rights.  You have the following rights concerning your personal information:

  • Right to be informed about the (1) types of personal information we collect about you, (2) specific pieces of information that we have collected about you, (3) sources and purposes of the collection, and (4) third parties that receive your data. 
  • Right to request deletion of your data.
  • Right to know to whom we’ve sold or disclosed your data.
  • Right to opt out of the sale of your data, if we sell it.
  • Right against discrimination if you do not provide us your data, unless the goods and services we provide you are related to the value of the data you provide us.

Please note that applicable law may permit us to deny all or a portion of your request.  In case of a denial, we will notify you of the legal basis of the denial.

Exercising Your Rights.  You may exercise your rights as a California resident, review and request changes to the personal information we collected about you, and contact us for more information about our privacy practices in any of the following ways.  No specific form is required to request a disclosure regarding collection and use of your personal:

  • Call us toll-free at (800) 243-0741 during regular east coast business hours.
  • Email us at customerservice@dukal.com with your request.


Verification Process.  You may submit your California rights requests using any of the methods above.  However, for certain requests, California law permits or requires us to take additional steps to verify the identity and authority of the individual making certain requests information.  This is so we can protect your privacy and data.  Depending on the request or the sensitivity of the request, Dukal may ask that you provide two, three or more pieces of personal information that matches information in our records, so that we may confirm your identity prior to processing your request.

Authorized Agent.  If you wish to submit a California rights request through an authorized agent, then you may designate your authorized agent in writing by contacting us using any of the methods above and providing the following information:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Current address and telephone number
  • Name of the authorized agent
  • State whether the requested information should be delivered to the agent or to you.  Provide delivery instructions.
  • State the types of requests that you authorize your agent to make, for example, Request to Know, Request to Delete, or Request to Opt-Out of Sales of Personal Information.
  • Sign and date the agent authorization.

If any of the above information is missing or cannot be verified, then we may request the information before processing your request.  We may request additional verification information depending on the nature or sensitivity of the request. 

Third Party Marketing.  Under California law, customers of COMPANY who are residents of California may request certain information about our disclosure of personal information during the prior calendar year to third parties for their direct marketing purposes, if any. To make such a request, please write to us at the following address:

Dukal Corporation

Attn: Privacy

2 Fleetwood Ct.

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Alternatively, you may send us an email at customerservice@dukal.com with the words "California Privacy Rights" in the subject line.

No Sale of Minor Information.  COMPANY does not have actual knowledge of any sale of the personal information of consumers under 16 years of age. 

If you are a resident of California and any complaint with us is not satisfactorily resolved, you can contact the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs in writing at 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112, Sacramento, California 95834 or by telephone at (800) 952-5210 or (916) 445-1254.