Dukal is Solving Clinical Problems with Innovative Patented Solutions


Dukal is Solving Clinical Problems with Innovative Patented Solutions

DUKAL Corporation has introduced its latest innovative solution, with the Capseus Bone Dust Collector (Capseus BDC-15).

Designed to easily provide cost-effective local autograft generated at the surgical site during spinal fusion surgery, the Capseus BDC-15 reduces hospital costs, time, and infection risk, while providing higher-quality bone

Spinal fusion is performed on approximately 400,000 patients in the United States annually. The national rate has more than doubled since the start of the 21st century and is continuing to increase year after year.

To facilitate spinal fusion, surgeons require additional bone, known as “graft,” to help two or more vertebrae fuse into a single structure. Different graft options exist, including both “allograft,” which is derived from donor bone, and “autograft,” which is bone derived from the patient’s own body.

Allograft products are expensive (est. $1,000 to $10,000 per surgery) and because they are derived from sources outside the patient’s body such as cadavers, disease transmission and rejection risks exist. Importantly, using allograft in spinal fusion can be less effective than using the patient’s own bone. Further, most patients do not like the idea of cadaver bone being used for surgery in their body, especially when autograft options exist.

One way to obtain autograft from a patient is by creating a second surgical site on the patient’s hip and harvest this “non-local” autograft from the patient’s iliac crest. However, there are significant issues with this approach including longer operating times and increased blood loss. Along with extended hospital stays and additional pain and infection risk from having a second surgical site, leading many surgeons to move away from this option.

DUKAL was introduced to the clinical need for a bone dust collector that could easily and cost-effectively collect local autograft generated at the surgical site by Dr. Abrahams of Northern Westchester Hospital in New York and Michael Bielski, a medical device entrepreneur.

DUKAL, along with Dr. Abrahams and Mr. Bielski, successfully brought the Capseus BDC-15 to market in September 2019.

Today, the Capseus BDC-15 allows surgeons to quickly and easily collect any volume of locally drilled autologous bone directly at the point of suction without any additional pressing steps.

Since its 2019 launch, the Capseus BDC-15 has successfully been used in cervical fusions, lumbar fusion, craniotomies, and other orthopedic procedures.


DUKAL is bringing new technologies to life.

DUKAL’s approach to healthcare innovation is to provide the highest quality manufacturing, sourcing, and quality regulation to solve real clinical problems through new healthcare technologies.

Healthcare technologies. Working collaboratively with healthcare professionals, DUKAL turns innovative ideas into practical patented solutions.

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