As a leader in the development and manufacturing of medical products, we partner with healthcare professionals to launch innovative solutions to unmet clinical needs.


Our vast product portfolio provides quality solutions across the healthcare continuum for wherever care is given.

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Dukal is dedicated to bringing great healthcare to the home. We are constantly developing new products for the well being of family and community health.

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Contract Manufacturer

We manage the entire supply chain from product specification to delivery with strong control and oversight.

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& Design

Working collaboratively with healthcare professionals, we turn innovative ideas into practical patented solutions.

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Markets We Serve

  • Healthcare
  • Dental
  • Health & Beauty
  • First Aid
  • Safety
  • Consumer Health
  • School Health
  • Institutional
  • Veterinary

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Striving to improve every aspect of children's lives to ensure they have every opportunity available to them as they grow.


Local leaders in animal rescue and protection, working to put an end to animal abuse and neglect.


Honoring our veteran’s service, supporting programs and services for military and veterans.

Health & Environment

Dedicated to protecting, researching, and affecting change when it comes to planet earth and its inhabitants.