Whats the Difference? Plastic vs. Glass Sundry Jars

The word “sundry” often refers to miscellaneous small items. A sundry jar is a container designed to store such items. Also known as apothecary jars, these medical containers provide storage for medical exam room supplies.

Products commonly seen in a sundry jar are bandages, gauze, cotton, medical staples, tongue depressors, etc. These jars are offered in an array of sizes to meet any need. Our sundry jars are available with or without labeling.

The glass sundry jars are made of flint glass with a stainless steel lid. The clear plastic sundry jars are made of plastic with a plastic lid, making them less likely to break. Another difference is that the glass jars are commonly used in veterinary, dental and physician settings. The plastic jars are most commonly used in pediatric settings.

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