Rinse-Free Cleansing Solutions


Rinse-Free Cleansing Solutions

Reduce time and improve care with an easy-to-use total body rinse-free cleansing system. View product

In this article we will cover: 

  • Risks of traditional bathing methods 
  • Benefits of rinse-free bathing products
    • ​Convenience
    • Safety
    • Skin health
  • ​Rinse-free product solutions from Dukal
    • ​Rinse Free Foam Cleanser
    • Redi-Wash Rinse Free Shampoo Cap
    • Redi-Wash Rinse Free Washcloth
    • Rinse Free Shampoo & Body Bath

Bathing is an essential part of personal hygiene, but for older adults with limited mobility, it can be a risky and challenging task. As we age, we become more vulnerable to falls and injuries, and traditional bathing methods can increase the risk of accidents and infections. However, with the rise in popularity of rinse-free bathing products, patients can enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience while reducing the risk of adverse outcomes. 

Risks of Traditional Bathing Methods

Traditional bathing methods require patients to move from their bed or wheelchair to a tub or shower, which can be a significant challenge for those with mobility issues. In addition, the wet and slippery surfaces in the bathroom can increase the risk of falls, injuries, and infection - which can lead to hospitalizations and long-term health complications. 

Benefits of Rinse-Free Bathing Products

One of the most significant benefits of rinse-free products is their convenience. Traditional bathing methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for both staff and patients. In contrast, rinse-free products can be used at the bedside, reducing the need for patient relocation, reducing staff workload. 

Products do not require patient relocation or involve water or rinsing, reducing the risk of falls, injuries, or infections - improving the overall safety of residents and staff. 

Skin Health
Rinse-free bathing products are gentle on skin, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Rinse-Free Product Solutions from Dukal

Reduce time and improve care with an all-in-one cleansing system. Eliminate the need for labor-intensive or bacteria-prone basin baths with Dukal’s convenient all-in-one cleansing system. Without the need for a sink or water, Dukal’s all-in-one cleansing system cleanses the perineal area, skin, and hair. Ideal for hospitals, long-term care, hospice, home care, or wherever mobility or access to water is limited. 

Rinse Free Foam Cleanser
An all-in-one rinse-free system that is designed for perineal, skin, and hair cleansing. 

Redi-Wash® Rinse Free Shampoo Cap
Cleanses and conditions hair without the need for a sink or water.

Redi-Wash® Rinse Free Washcloth
An all-in-one bathing system specifically formulated to cleanse and moisturize.

Rinse Free Shampoo & Body Bath
A mild, pH-balanced cleansing formula that helps maintain skin moisture without the need for water, available in four convenient sizes.

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