Purchase with a Purpose: An adhesive bandage partnership that goes beyond cuts and scrapes


Purchase With A Purpose

An adhesive bandage partnership that goes beyond cuts and scrapes

Driven to positively impact the well-being of patients, healthcare providers, and all who come in contact with our products, Dukal is proud to partner with Operation Hat Trick (OHT) to create a line of licensed bandages. In partnership with their mission, American service members and veterans receive 12% of the purchase price. 

An innovative approach to veteran support

Born at the University of New Hampshire, Operation Hat Trick started after a radio trivia contest asked, "what's the number one item requested by head-wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan?" The answer? Baseball caps to cover wounds, burns, swelling, and bandages.

From this simple question, and with the tragic loss of Nate Hardy and Mike Koch, two Navy SEALS - founder Dot Sheehan launched Operation Hat Trick. Initially donating hats to VA medical centers, OHT soon realized they could do even more by selling merchandise and using the proceeds to support the recovery of service members and veterans.

Operation Hat Trick generates awareness and support for the recovery of wounded service members and veterans through selling OHT branded merchandise and products, with proceeds donated to select organizations that fulfill the OHT mission.

Dedicated to American service members as they recover from war's visible and invisible wounds, OHT pays for adaptive equipment and apparel, service dogs, mental health programs, critical care, emergency rent, heating oil or car payments – almost anything veterans need to work through their injuries and rebuild their lives.

Today, Operation Hat Trick has donated over $3,500,000, helped more than 120 veterans' organizations from 39 states, and seen a 400% growth in donations over the past five years.

Operation Hat Trick adhesive bandages

As a leader in licensed adhesive bandages, Dukal offers patients fun characters and designs. Our collaboration with Operation Hat Trick allows us to honor our veterans’ service, a core mission of our own philanthropic efforts. With a camouflage design, Operation Hat Trick adhesive bandages feature a long-lasting adhesive to keep cuts clean and an easy-to-open Stat Strip wrapper for aseptic application.


"Dukal has been a dream partner, one that is responsive, creative and passionate about doing good in the world. It's been a wonderful journey and know they will do everything they can to make this initative a huge success."

- Dot Sheehan, Operation Hat Trick Founder


Dukal's commitment to philanthropy 

We believe enhancing family and community health is the way to a better future. Through philanthropic partnerships our team drives programming for community giving, social impact, and other initiatives in the areas of health, the environment, animals, children, and veterans.

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