Breaking the Industry Standard of Allocation and Supply Disruption to Improve Patient and Business Health


Breaking the Industry Standard of Allocation and Supply Disruption to Improve Patient and Business Health

Innovating global supply chain operations with intelligent visibility from point-of-purchase to delivery. 

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In this article we will cover: 

  • Supply chain impact on patient health
  • Supply chain impact on business health
  • Why demands for greater transparency are falling short
  • Dukal InSight
    • Real-time visibility with on-time and accurate delivery
    • Advanced product allocation and collaborative communication
    • Overcome disruptions before they impact your business

The traditional approach to managing today’s global supply chain is failing health systems. As growing complexities continue to cloud visibility, healthcare professionals are facing unprecedented challenges in dealing with production delays, product shortages, supply chain disruptions, and arbitrary allocation without the proper insight to take action.  

Dukal is upsetting the industry standard, putting an end to the antiquated allocation processes and inventory disruptions with complete visibility of your products’ progress from production to delivery to ensure healthcare providers have what they need when they need it.

The impact on patient health

The findings from an industry survey of 400 nurses, physicians, and supply chain administrators demonstrate the strain the current standard has placed on healthcare organizations. (1)
40% said their hospital had to cancel procedures due to missing supplies
More than half (57%) could recall a time when a physician didn’t have the product required for a patient’s care

Impact on business health

Further, stockouts, delays, cancelations, and reschedulings are impacting the financial health of an already strained health system, with the worldwide cost of inventory disruptions growing to $1.9 trillion. (2)


Demands for greater transparency are falling short

The failure of the global supply chain in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 caused fundamental concerns about the sustainability of today’s health system, increasing demands for supply chain transparency.

Yet for many, full visibility remains out of reach. Why?

According to Gartner, “60% of supply chain leaders say their supply chains have been designed for cost efficiency, not resiliency.” Creating visibility barriers as siloed processes disrupt many companies from clearly communicating when an order ships, what was shipped, or if there are changes to an order. (3)

Because the supply chain function oversees most of a health system’s external spend, which accounts for up to 40% of total costs, working with a high-performing supply chain can boost resilience, enhance care, increase satisfaction among physicians and reduce supply spend, placing health systems in a better position to achieve growth goals. (4) 

Healthcare providers deserve more

Through advancements in supply chain innovation and automation, Dukal is mitigating disruptions and building an intelligent and proactive supply chain. Seeing and responding to disruptions before they impact patient health or revenue. 

Through streamlined processes that provide bigger-picture data, we work collaboratively to ensure our supply chain is more efficient and more accurate. Customers can feel confident and secure with inventory assigned at the factory level, eliminating the industry practice of arbitrary allocation. 

Real-time visibility with on-time and accurate delivery

For decades, we have been a trusted source for medical consumables that represent a significant spend within acute and nonacute medical settings. Today with advancements in supply chain management, IT, and automation, we can provide industry-leading end-to-end supply chain ¬ visibility and transparency improving real-time accuracy to better manage your inventory, cash, and business. 

Advanced product allocation and collaborative communication

Partnering with us means not worrying about allocation, as your product is assigned from the start of production to your dock. We work to exceed customer expectations through collaborative decision-making and inventory planning to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

Overcome disruptions before they impact your business

Our team is aligned with you to identify and mitigate disruptions to your supply chain before they impact your customer. With full visibility and a global team, we can act with speed and confidence to make proactive decisions to maximize your efficiency and avoid costly delays. 

Dukal is redefining the term trusted partner through visibility and transparency to empower health systems to provide better health care, for a better future. 



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