A Message from our President & Owner Regarding COVID-19 Preparedness


A Message from our President & Owner Regarding COVID-19 Preparedness

Dear Valued DUKAL Customer,

Not since 9/11 has anything impacted the world like COVID-19 and it’s very unsettling. DUKAL remains steadfast in our commitment to our industry and to all our employees, family and friends. We remain focused on everyone’s well-being and have taken important steps to allow the company to operate and for everyone to remain safe.

We are very pleased that the majority of our overseas supply partners have returned to work and that our critical suppliers are approaching 90% efficiency. It’s nice to see production, products flowing and shipments on the way. There are still some critical products such as Masks and Protective Apparel in short supply but we are seeing some progress.

DUKAL’s IT Department successfully implemented a plan whereby virtually every employee now has the ability to work and be fully functional at home. Today was the first day and we are pleased that phones rang, orders were entered, transmitted to our warehouses and invoiced. We expect to continue to do this for as long as it takes for our country and employees to be safe.

Our warehouses in Savannah, GA and Riverside, CA have also taken precautionary steps to keep the workers safe and have implemented, cleaning procedures and safe distance standards among many other Disaster Recovery Procedures.

DUKAL is focused on operational excellence but in the event there are some unexpected delays or challenges we appreciate your patience as we all work through the Coronavirus and its’ impact on healthcare.


Gerry LoDuca

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