Why Do You Love Spring?


Why Do You Love Spring?

In this edition of the Dukal blog we ask some of our employees what they are looking forward to as the weather becomes nicer!

"This time of year is not only my favorite, but it is also my dog Copper's as well! The weather is not too hot, and it is not too cold- it is just right to take him out with me for some hiking in the woods. One trail that we take that leads us directly to Cedar Beach which is on the north shore of Long Island! Definitely one of our favorite spots to go in the spring!"

Giana Iaconetti
Marketing Specialist


"As the spring rolls around my favorite sport and team begin up again; baseball and the Yankees!! I love going to Yankee games, but really any baseball games in general. It is a great atmosphere filled with wonderfully delicious but expensive food/alcohol. Recently my sister has found a love for the Yankees, which has only added to the amount of baseball talked about in my family. A few short weeks ago we were able to get down to Florida for some spring training games to catch a glimpse of what this season and the future will hold. I look forward to the season (they are already off to a better than predicted start!!) and look forward to all the games I will get to go to…or watch on TV."

Tom Sison
Product Category Manager


I look forward every spring to selecting and planting my front yard. I keep my neighbors guessing as to the colors and types of flowers I will plant and add some inspirational rocks and critters along the way. Here are the pansies which always start the season.

Donna LoDuca
Vice President Accounting and Human Resources


The reason I like spring is the days grow longer, the weather warms up, gardens spring to life, don’t need to burn wood in the wood stove, and can sit outside without the bugs and enjoying the fresh air.

Peter R. Schnaittacher
Director of Contract Packaging


I am looking forward to the weather getting warmer and baseball season. One of the bestmemories of my childhood is going to Mets games with my Grandfather. I remember not being able to sleep from excitement and then getting up on Game day and then taking the 7
minute ride from his house to the old Shea Stadium in Queens. Baseball was one of the ways mygrandfather and I were able to bond with each other, and when the season starts up its another reminder of the time I got to spend with him.

James Hanges
Digital Marketing Specialist


My favorite thing about warm weather is being able to go kayaking! I have a kayak so I go several times locally over the season. But I also love kayaking when I travel. The picture attached is my son and I kayaking in Key Largo. We have also kayaked in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I love being on the water, close to nature and it is great exercise!

Amy Hattaway
Regional Sales Manager - Southeast


As the weather is getting nicer in Chicago I’m looking forward to seeing my gold friends again in my pond. They are excellent listeners!

Tony Betti
Director of Sales- Central


Looking forward to the spring road racing series. Most of my cardio training is on the equipment at DUKAL and that has given me the conditioning necessary to participate. I almost never run, except on race day; the treadmill, elliptical, tread climber and rowing machines are more than enough to keep in “running” shape. (Photo with my brother, Scott)

Steve Weber
DUKAL – IT Systems

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