Wayne's World

Meet our National Sales Manager

This Month’s DUKAL Employee Spotlight is Wayne Shen. Wayne joined DUKAL in 2005 and has successfully managed the Northeast Territory and the Eastern Zone as Director of Sales. Recently, Wayne was promoted to the position of National Sales manager.

We sat down with Wayne to learn what has made his career at Dukal so successful.

Q: How long have you been with DUKAL and what is your current role?
A: I’ve been with Dukal 12 years. I currently serve as National Sales Manager.

Q: What are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself as a sales rep?
A: Trustworthy, dependable, and resourceful. If we don’t have what you need (yes, that’s happens with almost 4,000 products) I’ll point you in the right direction.

Q: What motivates you?
A: I don’t need a whole lot of motivation. I love what I do, and the relationships I have with our customers. I value them greatly and do everything I can to be a resource for them.

Q: What made you want to get into sales?
A: I love to travel, meet people, and the overall competitive nature of being in sales. I also love being on the front lines and feeling like I’m making a difference not just for DUKAL, but for our customers too.

Q: What is your favorite hobby?
A: It has to be cooking. When I was younger I would say golf, or cycling, but now a days its definitely cooking. The eating part of the process is nice too!!!

Q: What is your favorite Dukal product?
A: It would be more like a category instead of a single product. I’d have to say it would be our Tech-Med equipment lineup!

Q: Where do you live and why do you enjoy living there?
A: I live in Simsbury, Connecticut. Having been rated as the 8th best small town in America, Simsbury is the perfect place to raise my family! There are plenty of activities for my kids Cameron (11), Parker (9) and Chelsea (7), and the school system is rated very highly as well. For my wife Jennie and I, there’s the perfect mix of restaurants, bars, hiking trails, lakes, streams and golf courses. You name it Simsbury has it…bears too! I’m also 20 minutes from my second home… Bradley International Airport.

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