Meet Karen Luke

Territory Manager for the East Central Region

How long have you been with DUKAL and what is your current role at Dukal?

I have extensive healthcare experience, though I have been with DUKAL just a short time, since November of 2017. My role is a Territory Manager in the East Central Region. I enjoy learning more & more each day!

Where do you live and why do you enjoy living there?

For 17 years now my husband & I have lived in Upper Arlington, OH, a suburb of Columbus. Upper Arlington has a strong sense of community and pretty tree-lined streets. With a population of 34,000, we have 3 libraries, each situated in a park. There are 33 well maintained parks in total. I really enjoy dog walking year round in the various parks.

How would you describe yourself as a sales rep?

A caring listener who readily envisions the big picture.

What is your favorite Dukal product and why?

It is so nice to have a huge variety of trusted brands from which to choose. Today I will say Siltape®. I keep a roll in my brief case. For us woman that like to wear a variety of shoes, sometimes a little bit of easy to tear & super soft Siltape® helps to prevent a blister or ensures a better fitting heel.

What made you want to get into sales?

When I was 16 years young I had saved enough money from babysitting for a 50% down payment on a used car. My parents loaned me, with interest, the other 50%. Their goal was a real world lesson in money management. That car enabled me to get to work, where I sold western boots. Unlike all of my friends, my paycheck was greater than minimum wage because it also included commission. I learned at a young age that commission could enable me to be more independent. My parent's intent worked; I didn't like paying the interest on the loan and paid in full over six months rather than the initially agreed on twelve!

What motivates you?

To work towards being the kind of person that my dog thinks that I am.

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite winter hobby is downhill skiing in fresh powder with family & friends. Anywhere out west: CO, UT, NM, MT, CA or Canadian spots, though inexpensive direct flights usually take us to CO.

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