Meet Gerry and The Defibrillators


Meet Gerry and The Defibrillators

One of the best parts of working at DUKAL in the summer is going to our annual company BBQ. Employees from different departments get to break away from their desks and enjoy spending time with other members of the DUKAL gamily they might not see on a normal day.

Every year, the BBQ is filled with smiles, laughs and of course great food. This year was no different, the food and atmosphere at Drift 82 in Patchogue gave off the exact feeling that you get at a family BBQ in your uncle’s backyard. If the food and the people weren’t enough this perfect day was completed when the DUKAL Family met Gerry and The Defibrillators.

Gerry and The Defibrillators are lifelong friends since the 70s and have been playing together for 3 Years and practice almost every Thursday in the backroom of our Ronkonkoma office (we call it the Gym-Jam Room).

Gerry and The Defibrillators put on a great performance that included classics such as Hey Dinwiddie, Stand By Me, Rt. 66 and Running Down a Dream. Our very own Brian Walsh, International Sales Manager, is the guitarist for the band and he said “I love to perform ‘Hey Dinwiddie’ because of the energy the song gives off and because its simply a fun song to play.”

Digital Marketing Specialist and part time roadie for Gerry and The Defibrillator, James Hanges, was in attendance for his first DUKAL Summer BBQ and said “Events like this are what makes DUKAL special. The BBQ was so much fun and it was a great bonding experience for not only my team but for the organization as a whole. I can’t wait for next year!”

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