Dukal Thanks Our Everyday Warriors


Dukal Thanks Our Everyday Warriors

As DUKAL employees work to ensure essential medical and PPE products are reaching healthcare workers on the frontlines of COVID-19, we want to take a moment to recognize and thank the #essentialwarriors who are committing tireless hours to keep our nation going.

While it can feel like the world is standing still, everyone at DUKAL would like to acknowledge the postal workers– the grocery and restaurant workers– the farmers– the service worker–the not for profit staff–the truckers–the pharmacists–the police officers– the firefighters–the nurses, doctors, therapists and patient care aides from the medical industry – know your selflessness and dedication is so appreciated.


DUKAL employees would like to personally recognize the police, firefighters, sanitation workers, and EMT keeping our nation safe and running during the current pandemic. Thank you!

“My sister-in-law is a weekend EMT, and during the week is working on finger-prick testing” -Kevin W

“My brother commutes to NYC working very long hours putting his life at risk now more than ever” -Jean S


DUKAL employees would like to personally recognize nursing and assisted living employees caring for our loved ones during the current pandemic.

“I speak to mom daily and a staff member a few times a week and can hear what they are going through and I am so thankful that these folks continue to show up each day” – Kathie S.

“I would like to shout out” my friend Shenae L who is a patient sitter. A patient sitter is someone who keeps patients company because their family isn’t there. In addition to providing emotional support, they also assist with basic care needs.” -Kashina B

“Our friend Leanne is an Assistant Nurse Manager and is always the first one to think of others before herself.  With her dedication and selflessness her patients are very lucky to have her taking care of them as we are to have her as our friend.” -Laura B


DUKAL employees would like to personally recognize the postal workers, truck drivers, and delivery workers that not only deliver our products, but keep our world connected.

“By far I would like to recognize our postal carrier. Our driveway is about 150’ to the house and around a corner. During normal times he almost always brings the mail up to our door to save us the trip down to the mailbox. The last interaction I had with him last week he had seen the drawings our kids did on the driveway and stopped to tell me how bright and colorful they were and that he really liked them. The kids were there and were thrilled to get the recognition. Just a really great guy and we are so fortunate to have him!”-Chris B


DUKAL employees would like to personally recognize the farmers and grocery employees who are continuing to feed America during the current pandemic.

“While many stores have shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have played an essential part in making sure the store is stocked with food, paper products and cleaning supplies to supply families in need. Although, many of us are working from home and limiting our shopping, they are on the front lines working long hours running the store while placing themselves at risk and coming in contact with more people on a daily basis than is safe. They are dealing with customers who are panic stricken over the depletion of food and the fear of contracting the virus, all while managing lines to limit the number of shoppers in the store. They continue to put their life on the line to help others and should be recognized as frontline heroes” – Michelle N.

“My father has been out every day helping to deliver food to those in need” -William B

“My best friend has been going in earlier to help out different departments to make sure product gets on the shelves before the doors open to the public” -Robin K


DUKAL employees would like to personally recognize the health care workers who are on the front lines during the current pandemic.

“She didn’t think she would be on the front lines assisting in this pandemic we are fighting. I’m super proud of her and thank her every day for the job she does!” -Christina A

Victoria Luneburg, Christina’s sister. Her unit plays the Beatles song – ‘Here Comes the Sun’ – with every successful discharge.

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