Dukal Supports Our Troops


Dukal Supports Our Troops

Hero (noun): a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

When you think of a hero, the definition above comes to mind. A hero is a person who sacrifices their lives to protect others and ensure that the rest of us get to live our lives in peace. Whether it’s a fire fighter, police officer or a parent that makes sure their child is taken care of, heroes are everywhere. In my opinion, there are no bigger heroes than the brave men and women who serve in our countries armed forces. This includes the brother of our Junior Graphic Designer, Giana Iaconetti, Staff Sargent Anthony Iaconetti. Back in January, Anthony was deployed to Iraq. He is planned to be stationed there for 6 months prior to being able to come home.

On March 15th, a U.S. military helicopter crashed in western Iraq, and all personnel aboard were killed in the crash. Luckily, Anthony was not on board, but unfortunately seven people were killed, and four of those people were from his home base here in Westhampton, NY. Here at DUKAL, we are one big family and when something like this happens and we are all impacted. The week after the crash, the entire office came together and donated, collecting non-perishable foods, downtime activities, and personal items such as lip balms and hand lotions, to send over to the military personnel that protect and serve our country. Some of our staff even got their children involved and wrote lovely thank you cards. Those stick figures always seem to do the trick when it comes to making someone’s day!

On Saturday, March 24th, Giana and her family attended a private yellow ribbon event sponsored by his home base to create care packages for the fellow service men and women that are stationed overseas. With the products collected from the DUKAL Family, they were able to send over 25 boxes to our heroes stationed overseas. We will update with a second post once Anthony and his fellow service men and women receive the care packages.

In the coming months, Giana will be sending more care packages overseas to her brother and his unit. If you are interested in donating, please send any donations to Attn: Giana 2 Fleetwood Court Ronkonkoma, NY 11779.

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