DUKAL Corp. Announces Strategic Agreement with Vancive Medical Technologies™

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DUKAL Corp. Announces Strategic Agreement with Vancive Medical Technologies™

(RONKONKOMA, NY) – DUKAL Corporation, a leading provider of medical, dental, veterinary and spa supplies, has announced a new strategic agreement with Vancive Medical Technologies for sale and distribution of its Benehold™ Absorbent Wound Dressing range in the United States and Canada.

Under the agreement, DUKAL will sell and distribute Vancive’s cutting-edge Bordered Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing with Odor Control and the Thin Absorbent Wound Dressing, featuring TASA™ (Thin Absorbent Skin Adhesive™). Vancive’s BeneHold products offer improved performance in the treatment and care of lightly to moderately exuding chronic and acute wounds. Products in the BeneHold Absorbent Wound Dressing portfolio are constructed of a self-adherent wound contact layer and a smooth, water-resistant polyurethane top film that acts as a barrier to external contaminants and bacteria. The dressings exhibit superior fluid handling capacity, yet are thinner and more conformable to enhance patient comfort.

The Thin Absorbent Dressings are based on Vancive’s proprietary technology, TASA™ (Thin Absorbent Skin Adhesive™). At only 0.1mm in thickness, TASA has the capacity to manage fluid in excess of traditional thin hydrocolloids. Furthermore, the dressings are transparent and allow for site visibility up to 7 days. The Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing with Odor Control is formulated with organic, non-cytotoxic cyclodextrins that capture odor molecules to help increase patient confidence.

“This new agreement between DUKAL Corp. and Vancive Medical Technologies benefits not only the two companies through use of one cohesive operational system and go-to market strategy, but extends those efficiencies throughout the healthcare supply system as well,” said DUKAL President Gerry LoDuca. “This new alliance means our customers can now secure an even greater breadth of products through a single provider.”

DUKAL’s current product offering of traditional wound care and skin care products will work in concert with the Vancive technology and together comprise a strong comprehensive solution across the continuum of care.

“This agreement between Vancive Medical Technologies and DUKAL Corp. will provide a comprehensive solution across the continuum of care,” said Howard Kelly, president and general manager of Vancive Medical Technologies.“ DUKAL’s products are already used in traditional wound and skin care, and by adding the BeneHold Absorbent Wound Dressing range, we believe they are completing their product offering.”

BeneHold™ and TASA™ (Thin Absorbent Skin Adhesive™) are trademarks of Avery Dennison Corporation.

About DUKAL Corporation
Established in 1991, DUKAL Corporation (www.dukal.com) is a privately held supplier of medical, health and wellness products. The company employs many strategic manufacturing partnerships focused on high quality to provide best in class products and supply chain solutions to its customers. DUKAL Corp. products are used in hospitals, physician practices, home care agencies, nursing homes and dental offices across the U.S. and Europe, as well as by veterinary practices and animal hospitals, emergency medical services and public safety providers, clinical laboratories and industrial sites.

About Vancive Medical Technologies
Vancive Medical Technologies makes inspired advances that lead to intelligent results. The business uses the most advanced adhesive and material technologies to create products that make healthcare easier for everyone. Vancive Medical Technologies is an Avery Dennison business headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about Vancive Medical Technologies, visit www.vancive.averydennison.com.

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