Meet Louis Cupo

How long have you been with DUKAL and what is your current role at DUKAL?

I have been with DUKAL since November 1st, 2017, and my role is Northeast Account Executive. I am responsible for about 150 independent dealer partners and my focus is to support, maintain, and grow their DUKAL business.

Where do you live and why do you enjoy living there?

I was born in Staten Island, NY and now I’ve lived in Hazlet, NJ (Monmouth County, NJ) for the past 15 years. I enjoy living there since it still has a Staten Island feel to it and I am very involved in the town. Currently I am the Assistant Commissioner in my Hazlet Youth Town Sports Program and coach football and basketball (I have coached my 3 kids in their sports programs since they were 5).

What are three adjectives that you would you describe yourself as a sales rep?

Passionate, Friendly, and Determined. I consider myself a people pleaser, and gain motivation from the respect I earn from my peers and customers.

What is your favorite DUKAL product and why?

My favorite products are in the advanced wound care line, the Eclypse® products. These dressings are not only easy to use for nurses but have a “healing” aspect to a patient’s life and overall well-being. I also like the Tech-Med line (wheelchairs, Instrument/Mayo Stands, IV poles) since my last role before joining DUKAL was as the Henry Schein Capital Equipment Manager. These types of products were items I would recommend to reps when they needed my support and when outfitting equipment in a physician’s office.

What made you want to get into sales?

My intensity, passion, and the competition that sales provides. I am very competitive in nature. I originally thought I would be a lawyer or veterinarian, but the relationships and friendships I have developed allowed me to have a successful sales career. This includes a HIDA/ Repertoire Award I received in 2012 as the Top Manufacturer Sales Rep in the USA, which is reflective of the support I provide to my customers and dealers.

What motivates you?

I’m motivated by a natural passion I can’t help but exude, and a need to support customers. They know I have their backs, and will do what I say I will do. Also, the growth and development that each person can gain each day in the Healthcare Industry, knowing our products support patients and their lives.

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is coaching youth sports in my town. I played college sports, and I seem to get as much out of coaching as the kids do playing. I like to see the children’s excitement while succeeding in their sports, and the impact I can have on them as they develop. I’ve had many parents tell me that I have made a positive impact in their child’s life and that I’ve helped them to develop the confidence they need to succeed. I also enjoy golfing, fishing, fantasy sports, roller coasters, and tree top obstacle courses. Yes, I am the American Ninja Warrior type… LOL