Meet Gloria Lind

How long have you been with DUKAL and what is your current role at DUKAL?

Happily, I have been with DUKAL since February 2012. I had been with Donovan Industries for 8 years when DUKAL acquired Donovan Industries. The time has gone by so quickly! In my current role, I am the Director of Sales for the WEST region.

Where do you live and why do you enjoy living there?

Originally the Bronx, NY and then moved across the GW bridge to the “country” – Fort Lee, NJ. I had a 1 year transfer to Oklahoma. My husband and I chose to permanently relocate to Tampa, Florida where we’ve been living for 14 years. The Florida lifestyle; sun soaked days, green lush landscape, year round outdoor living, the Gulf of Mexico and its’ beaches, and the Yankees spring training sealed the deal.

What is your favorite DUKAL product and why?

For me it goes beyond one favorite product. The ‘why’ part is easy. There are many exciting and effective products in our line that play an integral role, and are needed and used in so many different markets.
From Cohesive bandage rolls, character bandages, BurnAid, Activon Honey, Eclypse dressings, blood draw chairs, and Triple Play razors just to name a few. At some point, DUKAL products are used and become part of someone’s day to day.

What made you want to get into sales?

I was so fortunate to have a wonderful mentor who saw a special something in me early on. They took me under their wing and gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to succeed in sales. With that came how to handle and learn from the losses. I was hooked quickly. I started my sales career in Conveyor Belting and Power Transmission Belting for Industry and then onto Luxury Imports – Automotive Drive Trains.

What motivates you?

First and foremost, would be the company and products I represent. People, people people…..People make the world go round and I am so fortunate to have cultivated countless relationships and friendships both internally and externally. I’m up for the challenge, and with that come wins and losses. The motivation starts when you keep the desired end result in mind first… and never let grass grow under your feet, keep moving.

What is your favorite hobby?

Hands down, it’s cooking and grilling. Not to be confused with baking. For me it’s social, appealing, creative and therapeutic. So many benefit from the end result.