About Us

A privately owned and operated company founded by Gerry LoDuca in 1991, DUKAL supplies a broad range of best in class medical disposable products and patient care items for all medical markets. Products are produced through strategic marketing partnerships with a focus on excellence. However, it is the company’s unparalleled customer service that enables DUKAL  to stay ahead of the competition.  By offering our customers a variety of ways to streamline costs and improve efficiencies, DUKAL has garnered an impressive list of long term partnerships. DUKAL continues to thrive by fulfilling its founder’s vision, “to build a global company focused on the best practices in manufacturing and logistics.”


At DUKAL, we are well aware of the fact that our success is contingent on the success of our customers and distributors.  Every employee understands that it is their responsibility to help our distributors succeed. By listening, anticipating and responding to our customers’ needs, we have built an extensive support system that includes customized strategies, marketing tools and supply chain solutions that meet and often exceed expectations.


The only way to build a successful global company and move it forward is to approach it with a passion for excellence. DUKAL’s corporate culture permeates every aspect of the business, from sales and marketing to customer service, from research and development to manufacturing and shipping.


DUKAL brings a wide range of strengths to the market. By implementing manufacturing efficiencies with stringent quality control, we produce strong national branded product to an ever increasing market segments at a cost effective price point.  Our global presence, regulatory registration assistance, multiple 3rd party logistics, customer support and long term strategic partnerships have enabled us to stay not one, but several steps ahead of the competition. And with the continued support of our long term partnerships with distributors , the loyalty of our repeat customers and the commitment of our dedicated employees the possibilities are indeed endless.


At DUKAL, we strive to meet continually evolving market demands by offering better solutions, enhanced product offerings as well as an expansion of logistics solutions. By looking for effective processes, services, technologies and new ideas, DUKAL is committed to continued growth that our customers can rely on.

The Vision

When Gerry LoDuca founded DUKAL, his vision was to build a global company focused on best practices in manufacturing and logistics. Throughout its history, we have continually endeavored to bring value to the market by assisting our distribution partners with a brand of product that will function well and meet the needs of our collective customers. Product line extensions continue to be a goal for DUKAL.  As we penetrate new markets and grow our product lines, we will continue to focus on what is most important: delivering on our core principle of providing quality, value and performance, which benefits our customers, employees and suppliers.

The Products

An ever increasing product line is the hallmark of a successful enterprise. DUKAL is committed to capturing market share in previously unexplored segments of the healthcare industry and providing them with customized products to meet their needs. Thanks to our long term partnerships with vendors, global presence, stringent quality control and extensive marketing support, we have created a strong national branded product that our customers have come to rely upon.