A day in the life of a new Dukal employee….

Written by Michael Fucci (Product Manager)

My name is Mike but you can call me new guy one. That is how I was affectionately referred to for my first few weeks on the job. It’s been a whirlwind first two months, but a good whirlwind. I am learning a lot, a lot about Dukal, our products, our industry and a lot about my co-workers. For the sake of the length of this post and to avoid any uncomfortable moments at the office tomorrow I won’t discuss my co-workers!

Let me backtrack and relive a day at Dukal during my first week.

8:30am: Get to the office
9am: Shown how to look up information on our website.
9:15am: Told to put that information into a PMF excel sheet.
9:16am: I ask, “What is a PMF?”
9:17am: It’s explained to me.
9:20am: I get started on the PMF sheets.
11am: I finish my first sheet, whew – “is the day over?” I wondered.
Noon: Take lunch and take my first breadth of the day!

It went on like this for 2 or 3 weeks, not always PMF sheets, sometimes detail sheets, sometimes quote sheets, always some sort of a “sheet”.

Since those really early weeks I have learned to be somewhat self-sufficient and I like to think I’m even starting to make some good contributions. I can honestly say that I haven’t worked in a company that is as well run as Dukal. The atmosphere in the office is one of fun and hard work within a family-like environment. I can see why Dukal’s clients really value their relationship with Dukal. It’s something I didn’t understand when I first arrived but am noticing it more and more everyday.

That is it for this installment of the new guy report but check back regularly to hear more about my fascinating days!